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Legacy of Machu Picchu, the game drives you back to the era of the Inca Empire that developed in the Peruvian highlands. A virtual gaming table is set for exploring the empire and its culture. Now be ready to be the King of your game.

The design of this game encompasses the best icons and symbols that mesmerize the players to play their game with their strategy. Let us enter the world of Machu Picchu and relive the era with fun, entertainment, and an all-time winning spirit.

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Who We Are
Lead Your Game and Rule the Empire of Machu Picchu

No Game Rules Means No Fun

A true player will always play their game with diversity and elegance. Let’s get a multisensory experience by playing social casino games that await your winning move.  

We offer some great game highlights to enhance your gaming expedition, which involves:  

  • Inca Empire Theme  
  • 13th Century Era   
  • Free Spins  
  • Bonus Rounds   
  • Big Wins
  • Mega Wins
  • Multiplier Bonuses
  • Gaming Video Slots
  • 3*5 Slot Type
  • Every Single Payline Possible

A Traditional Well

The Bonus game round to congratulate players with game tokens. "Collect them all."

Inca Civilization Characters

The hidden treasure to find standing beside the well. Collect them in "Game Token" form.

Different Artifact

Each figure and artifact reveal a specific Inca civilization stone with visual effects, sound, and animations.

Bonus Icon - "Golden Crown"

There must be three or more golden crowns on the slot reels to win hidden surprises.

Game Feature

Real Gaming Takes Stages

You are the ultimate player of your game. So, why not get gaming by winning its stages with swag and being called a “Swagger Player.”

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